If you're dedicated to being who and where you want to be - for example, more calm and joyful in your relationships, work and mind - I'm here to support you.

Could it be possible to bring the success you feel in certain areas of life (like work) to the ones that didn't come as naturally (like dating)? My clients are ready to find the love of their lives; to understand themselves and what they want; or find calm, clarity and purpose in ways truly unique to them.

After over 10 years on a journey dedicated to personal growth - I walk alongside my 1:1 clients towards their bespoke vision of their life that they truly love.

Coaching with me is a personal process using varied techniques. Working with open-hearted, growth-mindset professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and change-makers who want to take the driving seat in their lives, and leave the world better than they found it.

You can find out more about how I help clients succeed even more in areas like finding their purpose. more love, inner calm, trusting themselves, achieving their dreams and living empowered to be the best version of themselves they can be.


For when you think might be holding yourself back in a part of your life, like you need stronger boundaries, better self care or you're ready to be fully seen in the world. If you're seeking more calm, self love and more purpose. If you're ready to dedicate time, energy and capital to your personal growth for success in different areas of life - 1:1 coaching can help you see things from a different perspective.

As a certified life coach I use deep intuition, open-hearted inquiry and bespoke exercises to help you use your inner gifts and true power to reach your goals. As s a certified reiki master and meditation guide; and with years of experience as an investor and chartered accountant - I can ask the right questions to help you shine in areas of your busy life where you're ready to up-level.




Your Dreams and goals are as unique as you are
My heart’s open to support you in achieving what you REALLY want

Your Dreams and goals are as unique as you are - My heart’s open to supporting you achieving what you REALLY want.

I'm here to support you to:
☆ Confidently navigate crucial life changes
☆ Know yourself better
☆ Feel more connected to others
☆ Listen to and trust your intuition
☆ Develop your feminine superpowers
☆ Feel open-hearted yet strong
☆ Maintain healthy boundaries
☆ Have loving, authentic relationships
☆ Deal with everyday stress & feel calmer
☆ Have more fun
☆ Integrate mindset practices you enjoy
☆ Feel confident whoever you are with.

I’m passionate about helping you bring more joy, purpose, love and self trust to your inner world, relationships and work. I’m here to help you break through old blocks that lie between you and a more powerful, authentic version of yourself – and to cultivate a life where you confidently envision and reach for what you really desire.

If you feel:
• “Successful”, but lacking balance & fulfillment
• Your love life' isn't where you want it to be
• Ready for conscious, loving relationships
• Like you want more fun & relaxation
• Energized to succeed in different areas of life
• Ready to give time to your personal growth

I include deep intuitive enquiry, visualisation, meditation, powerful practices and personal development in my coaching - to help coachees work out how they want to and can uplevel their life. You can read testimonials from some of the people I've been worked with already below.

I’m passionate about helping you bring more joy, purpose, balance and feminine power to your inner world, relationships and life.
I’m here to help you break through beliefs that lie between you & a more powerful, authentic version of yourself – to cultivate a life where you confidently envision & have what you truly want.

If you feel:
• “Successful”, but lacking balance
• Like your love life' isn't how you want it
• Ready for conscious, loving relationships
• Like you want more fun & relaxation
• Energized to succeed in new areas of life
• Ready to invest in your personal growth

I leverage intuitive inquiry and a broad range of skills in my coaching to help you to:
☆ Know yourself better
☆ Align with the life you desire
☆ Listen to and trust your intuition
☆ Feel both open-hearted and strong
☆ Maintain healthy boundaries
☆ Have loving, authentic relationships
☆ Deal with everyday stress & feel calmer
☆ Integrate mindful practices you enjoy
☆ Feel more confident whoever you are with.

You can read testimonials from people I've been lucky enough to work with below.
The people I support are dedicated to their self growth and up-leveling, for the good of themselves and the world. I get to know and care deeply about people I work with as their coach and a friend.

I work 1:1 with a select number of wonderful humans who I feel I can best serve in reaching their goals. My coachees are totally badass in many areas of life; and ready to invest in themselves for more joy, empowerment, calm, love and balance. If you're interested in working with me, please inquire below to help us both get clearer about your goals.

I work 1:1 with a select number of wonderful humans who I feel I can best serve in reaching their goals. My coachees are total badasses in many areas of life; and ready to invest in themselves for more joy, empowerment, calm, love and balance.

If you are interested, please enquire below and I will follow up with you.

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What relevant experience and qualifications do you have?

10 years of study and my own transformation have the biggest impact on my ability to help you with your personal development journey. I previously co-founded mental well-being business Mind: Unlocked. My articles and talks on mental wellbeing and personal development have been featured by international publications, large companies and conferences, and my meditations are found on Insight Timer. You can read recent testimonials here.
Formally, I'm qualified as a: ☆ Certified Life Coach ☆ Certified Meditation Teacher & ☆ Certified Reiki Master
I'm also training to be a: ☆ Certified NLP Master & ☆ Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist
My other personal development trainings have included Zero to Dangerous with Steven Kotler, a 10-day vipassana silent meditation course, iDiscover Core 1 & 2, authentic relating, mindfulness, culinary nutrition, the science of well-being and psychological first aid.
Before becoming a coach, I obtained a Biology BSc, trained as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) in my 20s, and have been a private investor for 10 years - giving me an understanding of fast-paced professional life and personal finance.

DO YOU only work with WOMEN?

I love supporting women in finding their natural feminine superpowers that the world can undervalue or make us feel unsafe to express. However we all have masculine and feminine energies regardless of our gender. If you want to learn more about self love, boundaries, intuition, conscious relationships and personal finance, masculine and feminine energy and more areas of personal growth - my work could help you on your journey.

What do I get if I sign up to your mailing list?

Your privacy, mailbox space and time are precious, so I send occasional newsletters with personal development updates and goodies I would want to know about myself. I won't spam you, or sell your private data to third parties. I'll be a little sad, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

What free personal growth stuff can I find here?

Jessica is a truly gifted healer. Her wealth of experience has enabled her to evolve into a true empath with the ability to connect with others on a deeply spiritual level. I'd strongly recommend her for her incredible energy, her ability to connect with others and her abundant wisdom pertaining to holistic health.

Jess was an absolute pleasure to work with! During mental health week, my colleagues and I put an event together themed around 'Kindness' - being kind to yourself and your mental health. Jess was a speaker at the event and shared really helpful resources. Her knowledge on the subject matter was obvious - real gems that attendees took on and implemented in their everyday lives, this was validated by the feedback we got from attendees.


Jess has been instrumental in my personal development and growth. She blends quantitative and qualitative skills, bringing a deep understanding of how business from her time in finance, which gave her empathy for the challenges I faced during the most intense periods of work in my career after selling my company to Google. From here, she brought rigor and process into the 'soft' work of personal development. Working with Jess unlocked a greater sense of calm, and a better understanding of my emotional landscape.

Tobi Akingbade, PwC



Jessica appeared as a guest on my business show...We covered the importance of mental well being and mindfulness as people relate to work and life...providing very insightful perspectives...she dealt with queries in an excellent, natural way. I found Jessica through reading an excellent article she had written in the Chartered Accountants' magazine, Economia. Jessica makes these important issues easily understandable and offers effective, easy to implement solutions.

Brittany hernandez, attorney

Jess is truly incredible and exactly the person I needed to help guide me at a crucial juncture in my life. What makes Jess unique is her ability to lovingly direct and challenge you and help you view the things that are blocking your way forward from a different perspective. She helps you realize that you’ve been telling yourself the same old stories for years and that they are no longer serving your best interests.

She recommends exercises that are completely tailored to your situation, personality and goals - a result of her thoughtful attention to detail and finely tuned intuition. Her wisdom astounds me and is so inspiring. She has become a trusted friend and I am so grateful to her for helping me gain clarity about who I am, what I am looking for, and how I can go about aligning my actions with my goals and vision of my future partner.

After Jess helped me get clear about what I was really looking for in a partner, I started to believe that someone could match me and my desires truly exists in the world. After taking the necessary practical real-world steps to start dating again, I met my soulmate less than 2 months after our first coaching session! Meeting my life partner felt like pure magic and I am still in disbelief at how well we fit together and how much our intentions, timelines, and desires to build a family align. What Jess did for me was facilitate a process of self-evaluation and discovery that I’ve come to see as essential when seeking a life partner. She has also provided a means of accountability and has been a source of support, encouragement, wisdom, and helpful and practical resources. I can see that she will be able to help so many people due to her attention to detail and graceful way of giving suggestions with love, warmth, and confidence.

Sarah mitchel, Founder of skimi

Having Jess as my mentor has been an uplifting and empowering experience, both personally and at work. She's so lovely and authentic, so working together has been fun and extremely rewarding. She has amazing knowledge and experience to share, so it's been something I've found a lot of growth from in many ways. Jess has a really organic way of working to help you see things or approach situations with a new perspective. She's definitely helped me flip some negative mindsets that were holding me back, and turn them into positive ones through insightful guidance and the enlightening conversations we've had.

When I first started the mentorship, I was feeling a bit stuck and that I had a few areas to work on to improve my self confidence personally and at work. We've also been exploring how to set better boundaries and the steps needed to transform the relationship I have with myself and other people. Jess helped me set goals in all of these areas and has shared amazingly helpful books to read and suggested some great tools and techniques to use in the process. I've also found her articles hugely relatable and helpful to read alongside the work we've been doing together. Overall I feel like I've made quite huge shifts in my mindset in a short period of time and I'm really grateful and feel really lucky to have had this experience and have her as a mentor.

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