Every break up is unique, but many of us know
how painful heartache can be.
This easy, effective online course will guide you through steps you need to come out of this challenging transition time stronger than before. We'll cover how to:
*Understand the science & attachment theory*
*Survive & thrive through time apart*
*Get real about your ex*
*Get to know yourself as you again*
*Find and focus on your own peace & joy*
*Use mindful healing tools*
*Take responsibility for changes you want*
*Know when it's time to move on*
*Maintain healthy boundaries with your ex*
*Dream up & date your ideal future partner*
You can go to any stage you feel is right for you at any time to apply the wisdom and tools you need to heal your heart and move on stronger than you were before your break up.

Heal Stronger from your Break Up

Your heart feels heavy, what went wrong or what you could have done differently are swirling through your mind.
Maybe you're trying undo your break up. Perhaps you don't feel like doing anything or keep trying things to make you feel better - but nothing is really working. Maybe the thought of someone so close to you suddenly becoming a stranger feels terrifying. Trying to find someone else feels yucky. You may even know deep down this is the right thing.
How can you feel better, learn from all the pain and think about the right future partner?


sound familiar?

If it's a yes, you're in the right place...

Over 20 years I've transformed the way I see and manage break-ups.
I know how it feels when nothing anyone says or does helps your heartache. I've felt the pain of pining for messages that never arrive. The obstacles that come up with mutual social circles and social media. The sleepless nights where your bed feels strangely empty.
I used to watch friends navigate relationships and break ups in ways I couldn't imagine, and spent years understanding what they knew.
I know the person who is meant for you at this time is also looking for you. You can learn from rather than repeat lessons from your break up. Maybe now is the time to learn about how you want to love and be loved. About what brings you joy and inner peace.
I became a life coach and meditation teacher and developed a system to help people who are struggling with heart ache from the break down of a close relationship - and how to make this difficult time a life-transforming experience that makes you even stronger.

I'M READY to KNOW more!